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Q: How much does it cost?

A: You can expect to pay the following: $150 enrollment fee (valid for 6 years of participation). Courses are "pay-as-you-go." Expect the following:

  • Convention: Delegate registration $325+
  • Convention: special symposium course (Emergency Planning one year, Board Governance the next) $100+
  • Summit: Registration varies, but will be $325+. You will need to attend two Summit gatherings (courses offered are not same each year).
  • Zone Meeting: varies by Zone. Also RMAF and WFA have different types of delegate fees (1 Institute course offered there is the "zone" level course each year)
  • Cyber Seminars: $59 per session. However, this is per site, not per person. You can have as many people watching at one site as you like
  • CPP Workshop: at least $150, unless participating in one which is subsidized
  • Travel (including hotel, meals, etc.): at least 2 Conventions, 2 Summits, 2-4 Zone meetings

Q: Will the courses I take in the Institute count toward my CFE?

A: YES! Download a copy of the CFE Application and go to sections III and IV to see how Institute courses (and completion) will be counted.

Q: I already have my CFE. Why should I have to take a course in business planning?

A: CFE status has been achieved based largely upon participation in industry activities. Experience is recognized, but we believe everyone involved in today’s fairs should have an updated exposure to the process of business planning and how it can be beneficial to an organization such as fair which has been in existence for decades.

Q: Will the courses I take in the Institute count toward my CVFM?

A: YES! Download a copy of the CVFM Application. Only Institute graduates are eligible to apply for the CVFM!

Q: My fair is small and I am a volunteer. Even "paying as I go" poses some obstacles to completing the courses. Are there scholarships available?

A: YES! Click this scholarship link for more information.

Q: Our fair is run solely by volunteers. How will we benefit from the Institute?

A: Sending one or more of your fair’s board members to Institute courses will bring new ideas and professional, industry standards to your organization. Although we encourage you to enroll in the Institute in order to receive a diploma, remember that most of the courses will be offered to all members of the IAFE, regardless of enrollment status (exception – the courses at the annual Institute Summit).

Q: Why are the courses in the Facility Usage core marked as elective?

A: Not every fair in the IAFE membership has the facilities, the community demographics, nor the desire to utilize the facilities and grounds for year-round events. However, for those that do, these courses will be important so that their representatives can learn how to move that area of operations from the status of "off-season" to the professional world of facilities management and marketing.

Q: What are CyberSeminars and how do they work?

A: A CyberSeminar (also know as a webinar) is a live event presented simultaneously over the phone (like a conference call) and the Internet. Once registered for the session you will be sent a phone number to dial in to at the session time, and a web site URL to log on to. You will listen and watch the presentation. Registration costs for each CyberSeminar are by site, rather than by individual. So, that means that the XYZ County Fair can register and then have as many people as possible sit around the computer and phone to participate!

Q: What are the FEMA and Trained Crowd Manager courses and how do I get credit?

A: These are independent study courses that you do at your own pace, in your own time on-line. The FEMA courses are free (if you are a non-US citizen please contact Marla Calico at the IAFE office to get the form required to take these) and the Trained Crowd Manager course costs $15. Upon completion of all these courses you are issued a certificate and you will need to copy it to send to the IAFE office to get credit.